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What is a BigWig?
BigWig [ˈbigˌwig] (noun): an important person, usually in a particular sphere; synonym: VIP · (very) important person.

What is a Susan G. Komen BigWig?
Komen BigWig (noun): a very important person on a mission to end breast cancer forever by raising awareness and funds in their community; willing to have fun while wearing a ridiculous pink wig.

How does a BigWigs campaign work?
The BigWigs campaign engages corporate and community leaders within our area as representatives in the fight against breast cancer. During the campaign, each BigWig will raise money, which will be used to ensure access to essential breast health services and education programs, and support research to find the cures for breast cancer.

Through this program, 75% of funds raised remain in the Greater Baton Rouge community to help fund breast health education, screening, treatment and psychosocial services.

Why participate in the 2016 BigWigs campaign?
Louisiana ranks among the top two states in our nation in breast cancer mortality. Your participation helps fund life-saving efforts in our 10-parish area.

Who are the 2016 Komen Baton Rouge BigWigs?
The 2016 Komen Baton Rouge BigWigs were revealed on September 16th.
Find out who the 2016 BigWigs are!

How do I donate to my favorite BigWigs?
Online donations to vote for your favorite BigWigs are currently open. Each BigWig has their own fundraising page in TeamRasier…just like a Race for the Cure fundraising page.